True wealth, as all folk tales and traditional wisdom attest, lies in health and happiness. Wellness – of the mind, body and soul – is a sure route to happiness. Hence our reinterpretation of wealth as well-th. A combination of wellness and health and their fundamental linkages in society and environment.

Channel Life will be the first integrated multi-media platform in South India to focus on sustainable and healthy living. Channel Life recognizes that health and wellness have several dimensions which are interdependently linked to form a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts: “healthy living” integrates everything from the food we consume to our environment; work-life balance to cultural enrichment etc. We believe that is the fundamental interconnectedness of these elements that contributes to a healthy society, which reflects the sustainable, harmonious lifestyle of its people.

To address well-th and allied factors, we have developed an integrated platform to address these issues from a holistic perspective: across television, internet, mobile and on-the-ground initiatives:
Channel Life, a Malayalam-language wellness platform.